Data Warehouse Project
UNC-CH Active Departments and Reporting Levels
As of 22MAY18

Chancellor Chancellor Chancellor 0000:Other 0000 Other
      2201:Office of the Chancellor 2201 Office of the Chancellor
      2202:UNC-CH Fdn Reporting 2202 UNC-CH Fdn Reporting
      2204:University Ombuds Office 2204 University Ombuds Office
      2205:Carolina Counts 2205 Carolina Counts
      2206:Innovation and Entrepreneurshp 2206 Innovation and Entrepreneurshp
      2218:State and Local Relations 2218 State and Local Relations
      2225:Equal Opportunity/Ada Office 2225 Equal Opportunity/ADA Office
      2227:UNC Management Company 2227 UNC Management Company
      2254:Internal Audit 2254 Internal Audit
      2304:Alumni Assoc Office 2304 Alumni Assoc Office
      2318:Office Faculty Governance 2318 Office Faculty Governance
      2319:The Employee Forum 2319 The Employee Forum
      9901:Chief Medical Examiner 9901 Chief Medical Examiner
    VC and General Counsel 2213:VC & University Counsel 2213 University Counsel
  Athletics Athletics 9801:Ath Director of Athletics 9801 Ath Director of Athletics
      9810:Athletics Business Office 9810 Athletics Business Office
      9811:Ath Finley Golf Course 9811 Ath Finley Golf Course
      9812:Ath Outdoor Facility Oper 9812 Ath Outdoor Facility Oper
      9813:Ath Equipment Office 9813 Ath Equipment Office
      9814:Ath Ticket Office 9814 Ath Ticket Office
      9816:Ath Game Operations 9816 Ath Game Operations
      9821:Ath Academic Counselor 9821 Ath Academic Counselor
      9822:Ath Sports Information 9822 Ath Sports Information
      9823:Ath Sports Marketing 9823 Ath Sports Marketing
      9824:Ath Physical Development 9824 Ath Physical Development
      9825:Ath Community Relations 9825 Ath Community Relations
      9826:Ath Cheerleaders 9826 Ath Cheerleaders
      9830:Ath Educational Foundation 9830 Ath Educational Foundation
      9831:Ath Student Activities Center 9831 Ath Student Activities Center
      9833:Ath Concessions 9833 Ath Concessions
      9835:Ath Football Office 9835 Ath Football Office
      9840:Ath Basketball Office 9840 Ath Basketball Office
      9845:Ath Baseball Office 9845 Ath Baseball Office
      9850:Ath Track-Cross Country 9850 Ath Track-Cross Country
      9855:Ath Tennis 9855 Ath Tennis
      9856:Ath Dir of Tennis Facilities 9856 Ath Dir of Tennis Facilities
      9860:Ath Golf 9860 Ath Golf
      9865:Ath Swimming 9865 Ath Swimming
      9870:Ath Lacrosse 9870 Ath Lacrosse
      9875:Ath Soccer 9875 Ath Soccer
      9880:Ath Wrestling 9880 Ath Wrestling
      9885:Ath Fencing 9885 Ath Fencing
      9890:Ath Olympic Sports 9890 Ath Olympic Sports
      9893:Ath Dept Game/Event 9893 Ath Dept Game/Event
      9894:Ath Special Events - Sac 9894 Ath Special Events - Sac
      9897:Ath Away Game Sales 9897 Ath Away Game Sales
      9898:Ath Dept Tournaments 9898 Ath Dept Tournaments
Exec VC & Provost Provost Provost 2224:Diversity/Multicultural Affairs 2224 Diversity/Multicultural Aff
      2315:Inst Research and Assessment 2315 Inst Research and Assessment
      2432:Admissions 2432 Admissions
      2438:University Registrar 2438 University Registrar
      2445:Interl Student & Scholar Services 2445 Interl Student & Scholar Svcs
      2448:Scholarships & Student Aid 2448 Scholarships & Student Aid
      3100:Provost 3100 Provost
      3101:Ofc of Provost Acad Affairs 3101 Ofc of Provost Acad Affairs
      3109:Math/Science Network 3109 Math/Science Network
      3130:UNC Global 3130 UNC Global
      3132:Hunt Institute 3132 Hunt Institute
      3137:Acad Sup Prog Student-Athletes 3137 Acad Sup Prog Student-Athletes
      3146:Exec Director for the Arts 3146 Exec Director for the Arts
      4101:Ofc of Provost Health Affrs 4101 Ofc of Provost Health Affrs
      5631:Work Study 5631 Work Study
    Summer School 3116:Summer School Administration 3116 Summer School Administration
  Arts & Sciences Arts & Sciences 3201:Arts & Sciences Dean's Office 3201 Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
      3231:Arts & Sci Info Services 3231 Arts & Sci Info Services
    Fine Arts and Humanities 3145:Study of Amer South, Ctr 3145 Study of Amer South, Ctr
      3204:Art 3204 Art
      3211:Arts & Humanities Institute 3211 Arts & Humanities Institute
      3220:Classics 3220 Classics
      3221:Humanities & Human Values 3221 Humanities & Human Values
      3225:English & Comp Literature 3225 English & Comp Literature
      3226:American Studies 3226 American Studies
      3228:Linguistics 3228 Linguistics
      3229:Germanic & Slavic Lang & Lit 3229 Germanic & Slavic Lang & Lit
      3238:Philosophy 3238 Philosophy
      3241:Religious Studies 3241 Religious Studies
      3244:Romance Languages 3244 Romance Languages
      3283:Women's and Gender Studies 3283 Women's and Gender Studies
      Communication Studies 3215 Communication Studies
      Dramatic Art 3207 Dramatic Art
        8915 Playmakers Repertory
      Music 3212 Music
    Natural Sci and Math 3232:Applied Physical Sciences 3232 Applied Physical Sciences
      3262:Marine Sciences 3262 Marine Sciences
      3264:Environment and Ecology 3264 Environment and Ecology
      3267:Biology 3267 Biology
      3268:Geological Sciences 3268 Geological Sciences
      3270:Physics-Astronomy 3270 Physics-Astronomy
      3275:Biomedical Engineering - UG 3275 Biomedical Engineering - UG
      3276:Computer Science 3276 Computer Science
      3278:Statistics and Operations Res 3278 Statistics and Operations Res
      3282:Mathematics 3282 Mathematics
      Chemistry 3265 Chemistry
      Exercise & Sport Science 3292 Exercise & Sport Science
        3293 Student Recreation Center
      Psychology 3258 Psychology
        5235 Psychometric Lab
    Social and Behav Sci 3135:Global Studies 3135 Global Studies
      3206:Peace War & Defense 3206 Peace War & Defense
      3216:European Studies 3216 European Studies
      3237:Carolina Asia Center 3237 Carolina Asia Center
      3239:African Studies Center 3239 African Studies Center
      3240:Mid East and Muslim Civ Ctr 3240 Mid East and Muslim Civ Ctr
      3251:Study of the Americas 3251 Study of the Americas
      3252:Asian Studies 3252 Asian Studies
      3256:Military Science 3256 Military Science
      3261:GEC Building Operations 3261 GEC Building Operations
      3266:Study Abroad 3266 Study Abroad
      3284:Anthropology 3284 Anthropology
      3286:Archaeology 3286 Archaeology
      3287:African, Afri-Amer & Diaspora 3287 African, Afri-Amer & Diaspora
      3288:City & Regional Planning 3288 City & Regional Planning
      3289:Economics 3289 Economics
      3290:Geography 3290 Geography
      3291:History 3291 History
      3296:Sociology 3296 Sociology
      3297:Aerospace Studies 3297 Aerospace Studies
      3298:Naval Science (NROTC) 3298 Naval Science (NROTC)
      5215:Urban Studies 5215 Urban Studies
      Political Science 3294 Political Science
      Public Policy 3279 Public Policy
      Slav Euras E Europe 3249 Slavic,Euras E Eur Ctr
    Undergrad Ed 3203:Honors 3203 Honors
      3214:Ctr Stdnt Success-Acad Counsel 3234 Writing Center
      3214:Stdnt Success-Acad Counsel 3214 Stdnt Success-Acad Counseling
      3219:Undergraduate Education 3219 Undergraduate Education
      3224:Robertson Scholarship Prog 3224 Robertson Scholarship Prog
      3236:Undergraduate Research 3236 Undergraduate Research
      Academic Advising 3120 Academic Advising
      Academic Services 3233 Learning Disabilities Services
        3235 Learning Center
  Sch Business Sch Business 3301:Kenan-Flagler Business School 3301 Kenan-Flagler Business School
      3316:Inst of Private Enterprise 3316 Inst of Private Enterprise
      3317:SBTDC KFBS Regional Svc Ctr 3317 SBTDC KFBS Regional Svc Ctr
      3907:Carolina Ctr Compet Economies 3907 Carolina Ctr Compet Economies
  Sch Education Sch Education 3401:School of Education 3401 School of Education
      3402:LearnNC 3402 LearnNC
  Sch Journalism Sch Journalism 3501:Journalism/Mass Communication 3501 Journalism/Mass Communication
  Sch Law Sch Law 3601:School of Law 3601 School of Law
  Sch Info & Lib Sch Info & Lib 3701:School of Info & Libr Science 3701 School of Info & Libr Science
  Sch Social Work Sch Social Work School of Social Work 3801 School of Social Work
        3802 Family Support Program
        5367 Dev Disabilities Trng Inst
  Cont Ed Cont Ed Cont Ed 3123 Part-Time Classroom Studies
        5301 Wm&Ida Friday Ctr-Cont Educ
        5378 NC School Athletic Assoc
  Libraries Libraries 5505:University Library 5505 University Library
      5507:Tri Res Library Network 5507 Tri Res Library Network
      5520:Law Library 5520 Law Library
      5525:Health Sciences Library 5525 Health Sciences Library
  Grad School Grad School 3901:Graduate School 3901 Graduate School
  Sch Govt Sch Govt 5401:School of Government 5401 School of Government
  Ctrs and Inst Ctrs and Inst 3104:NC Small Bus & Tech Dev Ctr 3104 NC Small Bus & Tech Dev Ctr
      3129:Inst for Science Learning 3129 Inst for Science Learning
      3255:NC Botanical Garden 3255 NC Botanical Garden
      5230:Marine Sciences Program 5230 Marine Sciences Program
      8911:Morehead Planetarium 8911 Morehead Planetarium
  VC IT & CIO VC IT & CIO 2264:Research Computing Center 2264 Research Computing Center
      2265:Enterprise Resource Planning 2265 Enterprise Resource Planning
      3103:Information Technology Svcs. 3103 Information Technology Svcs.
  Acad Initiatives-UBC Acad Initiatives-UBC 3102:Assoc Prv Acad Initiatives-UBC 3102 Assoc Prv Acad Initiatives-UBC
      3105:Ackland Art Museum 3105 Ackland Art Museum
      3108:Ctr for Teaching Learning 3108 Ctr for Teaching Learning
      3114:Sonja H Stone Center 3114 Sonja H Stone Center
      3115:Inst African American Research 3115 Inst African American Research
      3119:Carolina Center for Public Svc 3119 Carolina Center for Public Svc
      3122:World View 3122 World View
      3125:Womens Center 3125 Womens Center
      3131:Center for Faculty Excellence 3131 Center for Faculty Excellence
      3133:American Indian Center 3133 American Indian Center
      3136:Carolina Seminars 3136 Carolina Seminars
      3148:APPLES 3148 APPLES
      4935:Carolina Higher Ed Opp Pgms 4935 Carolina Higher Ed Opp Pgms
  VC Research VC Research 2236:Office of Sponsored Research 2236 Office of Sponsored Research
      3113:Office of Technology Develop 3113 Office of Technology Develop
      3118:UNC Institute for the Environment 3118 UNC Inst for the Environment
      3124:Kenan Ctr Util Carbon Dioxide 3124 Kenan Ctr Util Carbon Dioxide
      3126:Inst for Advanced Materials 3126 Inst for Advanced Materials
      3127:Renaissance Computing Institute 3127 Renaissance Computing Inst
      3128:Economic and Bus Development 3128 Economic and Bus Development
      3140:Ctr for Developmental Science 3140 Ctr for Developmental Science
      3902:DICE Center 3902 DICE Center
      3904:Office of Research Development 3904 Office of Research Development
      3905:VC for Research 3905 VC for Research
      3906:Ofc of Research Communications 3906 Ofc of Research Communications
      3908:Clinical Trials 3908 Clinical Trials
      3909:Ofc of Human Research Ethics 3909 Ofc of Human Research Ethics
      4270:Laboratory Animal Medicine 4270 Laboratory Animal Medicine
      4622:Nutrition Research Institute 4622 Nutrition Research Institute
      4910:Carolina Population Center 4910 Carolina Population Center
      4921:Institute On Aging 4921 Institute On Aging
      4950:Sheps Ctr for Hlth Serv Res 4950 Sheps Ctr for Hlth Serv Res
      4974:Injury Prevention Research Ctr 4974 Injury Prevention Research Ctr
      4977:Hazards Center 4977 Hazards Center
      4985:Ctr Health Prom Disease Prev 4985 Ctr Health Prom Disease Prev
      4990:Institute of Nutrition 4990 Institute of Nutrition
      5210:H W Odum Inst Res Social Sci 5210 H W Odum Inst Res Social Sci
      5216:Center for Galapagos Studies 5216 Center for Galapagos Studies
      5220:Institute of Marine Sciences 5220 Institute of Marine Sciences
      5245:FPG Child Development Inst 5245 FPG Child Development Inst
      5350:Highway Safety Research 5350 Highway Safety Research
  VC Student Affairs VC Student Affairs 2401:V Chan Student Affairs Office 2401 V Chan Student Affairs Office
      2403:Information Technology 2403 Information Technology
      2404:New Stu/Carolina Parent Prgms 2404 New Stu/Carolina Parent Prgms
      2406:Dean of Students Office 2406 Dean of Students Office
      2407:Campus Y 2407 Campus Y
      2417:University Career Services 2417 University Career Services
      Campus Health 2424 Campus Health Serv-Pharmacy
        2426 Campus Health Services
        2427 Campus Health Sports Med Pgm
        2429 Campus Health CWS
      Carolina Union 2413 Student Activities Fund Office
        2423 Carolina Union
      Housing 8215 Housing Res Education
  Sch Medicine Sch Medicine 4251:Nutrition (State Funds) 4251 Nutrition (State Funds)
    Office of Dean 4201:Medicine Administration 4201 Medicine Administration
      4203:Office of Info Systems 4203 Office of Info Systems
      4272:Continuing Medical Education 4272 Continuing Medical Education
      4284:Medical Education 4284 Medical Education
      4293:Educational Develop Office 4293 Educational Develop Office
      4295:Com Med Ed/Family Supp Network 4295 Com Med Ed/Family Supp Network
      4297:Spec Teach Prog-Med Stu 4297 Spec Teach Prog-Med Stu
      4299:TraCS Institute 4299 TraCS Institute
    Basic Sciences 4204:Cell Biology and Physiology 4204 Cell Biology and Physiology
      4208:Microbiology & Immunology 4208 Microbiology & Immunology
      4212:Biochemistry and Biophysics 4212 Biochemistry and Biophysics
      4218:Genetics 4218 Genetics
      4220:Pharmacology 4220 Pharmacology
      4224:Cell & Molecular Physiology 4224 Cell & Molecular Physiology
      4275:Biomedical Engineering 4275 Biomedical Engineering
      5390:Microelectronics Research Prog 5390 Microelectronics Research Prog
    Ctrs/Curr/Prog 4202:Ctr for Women's Hlth Research 4202 Ctr for Women's Hlth Research
      4205:Ctr Maternal & Infant Health 4205 Ctr Maternal & Infant Health
      4206:Carolina Vaccine Institute 4206 Carolina Vaccine Institute
      4207:Univ Cancer Research Fund 4207 Univ Cancer Research Fund
      4209:Ctr for Drug Safety Science 4209 Ctr for Drug Safety Science
      4210:Toxicology Curriculum 4210 Toxicology Curriculum
      4217:Biomedical Res Imaging Ctr 4217 Biomedical Res Imaging Ctr
      4219:Carolina Ctr for Genome Sci 4219 Carolina Ctr for Genome Sci
      4222:Heart and Vascular Center 4222 Heart and Vascular Center
      4223:Cys Fibrosis/Pulmonary Res 4223 Cys Fibrosis/Pulmonary Res
      4225:Enviro Med Asthma & Lung Bio 4225 Enviro Med Asthma & Lung Bio
      4226:Comprehensive Cancer Center 4226 Comprehensive Cancer Center
      4227:UNC McAllister Heart Institute 4227 UNC McAllister Heart Institute
      4231:Diabetes Center for Excellence 4231 Diabetes Ctr for Excellence
      4269:UNC Kidney Center 4269 UNC Kidney Center
      4274:Global Health & Infec Disease 4274 Global Health & Infec Disease
      4276:Gene Therapy Center 4276 Gene Therapy Center
      4277:Biological and Genome Sciences 4277 Biological and Genome Sciences
      4278:Center for Aging and Health 4278 Center for Aging and Health
      4279:Neurodev Disorders Res Ctr 4279 Neurodev Disorders Res Ctr
      4281:Neuroscience Center 4281 Neuroscience Center
      4282:Alcohol Studies Center 4282 Alcohol Studies Center
      4283:Gastroint Biology & Dis Ctr 4283 Gastroint Biology & Dis Ctr
      4285:Thurston Arthritis Res Center 4285 Thurston Arthritis Res Center
      4286:Genetics Curriculum 4286 Genetics Curriculum
      4287:Carolina Institute for DD 4287 Carolina Institute for DD
      4290:Social Medicine 4290 Social Medicine
      4291:Clinical Research 4291 Clinical Research
    Clinical 4214:Hillsborough MOB 4214 Hillsborough MOB
      4215:Urology 4215 Urology
      4216:Pathology & Lab Medicine 4216 Pathology & Lab Medicine
      4228:Medicine 4228 Medicine
      4229:Dermatology 4229 Dermatology
      4230:Neurology 4230 Neurology
      4232:Family Medicine 4232 Family Medicine
      4233:Neurosurgery 4233 Neurosurgery
      4236:Obstetrics and Gynecology 4236 Obstetrics and Gynecology
      4238:Otolaryngology (Ent) 4238 Otolaryngology (Ent)
      4244:Ophthalmology 4244 Ophthalmology
      4248:Pediatrics 4248 Pediatrics
      4256:Psychiatry 4256 Psychiatry
      4260:Radiology 4260 Radiology
      4262:Radiation Oncology 4262 Radiation Oncology
      4264:Surgery 4264 Surgery
      4265:Orthopaedics 4265 Orthopaedics
      4266:Emergency Medicine 4266 Emergency Medicine
      4268:Anesthesiology 4268 Anesthesiology
      4296:Physical Medicine & Rehab 4296 Physical Medicine & Rehab
    Service 4257:TEACCH Autism Program 4257 TEACCH Autism Program
    P&A Admin 4190:Unc PA Receipt Refund Clrng 4190 Unc PA Receipt Refund Clrng
      4191:Unc PA Undesignated Receipts 4191 Unc PA Undesignated Receipts
      4192:Unc PA Managed Care 4192 Unc PA Managed Care
      4211:P&A Administration 4211 P&A Administration
        4971 Carolina Premiere Health
      4213:Regional Services 4213 Regional Services
      4966:Affiliated Hospital Billing 4966 Affiliated Hospital Billing
      4968:Primary Care Network 4968 Primary Care Network
      4970:Ambulatory Care Clinic 4970 Ambulatory Care Clinic
      4976:Community Based Practices 4976 Community Based Practices
      4978:Family Med Comm Based Clinics 4978 Family Med Comm Based Clinics
      AHEC ADMIN 4835 AHEC Support-Comm Med Care
      Aircraft AHEC 8996 Medical School Aircraft
      HCA AHEC 4851 AHEC Support-Hlth Career Acces
      HSRC AHEC 4840 AHEC Hlth Serv Res Ctr
      Lib AHEC 4847 AHEC-Hlth Sciences Library
      Med AHEC 4829 AHEC Support-Radiology
        4830 AHEC Support-Surgery
        4836 AHEC Support-Medicine
        4837 AHEC Support-Obgyn
        4838 AHEC Support-Pediatrics
        4839 AHEC Support-Allied Health
        4841 AHEC Support - Comm Med Ed
        4842 AHEC Support-Dermatology
        4843 AHEC Support-Psychiatry
        4844 AHEC Support-Family Medicine
        4845 AHEC Support-Neurology
        4848 AHEC Support-Social-Admin Med
        4849 AHEC Support-Anesthesiology
        4850 AHEC Support-Radiology Oncolog
        4852 AHEC Support-Orthopaedics
      SOD AHEC 4831 AHEC Support-Dentistry
      SON AHEC 4832 AHEC Support-Nursing
      SOP AHEC 4833 AHEC Support-Pharmacy
      SOPH AHEC 4834 AHEC Support-Public Health
    Allied Hlth 4273:Allied Health Sciences 4273 Allied Health Sciences
  Sch Dentistry Sch Dentistry 4301:School of Dentistry 4301 School of Dentistry
      4305:Dental Ecology Dept 4305 Dental Ecology Dept
      4310:Dentistry-Gen Academic Instr 4310 Dentistry-Gen Academic Instr
      4315:Clinical Affairs 4315 Clinical Affairs
      4320:Endodontics 4320 Endodontics
      4325:Fixed Prosthodontics 4325 Fixed Prosthodontics
      4330:Operative Dentistry 4330 Operative Dentistry
      4335:Diagnostic Sci & Gen Dentistry 4335 Diagnostic Sci & Gen Dentistry
      4340:Oral Surgery 4340 Oral Surgery
      4345:Orthodontics 4345 Orthodontics
      4350:Pediatric Dentistry 4350 Pediatric Dentistry
      4355:Periodontology 4355 Periodontology
      4365:Prosthodontics 4365 Prosthodontics
      4375:Dental Research 4375 Dental Research
    DFP 5140:Dental Faculty Practice 5140 Dental Faculty Practice
      5141:DFP-Doctors Fund 5141 DFP-Doctors Fund
      5143:DFP-Deans Fund 5143 DFP-Deans Fund
  Sch Nursing Sch Nursing 4401:School of Nursing 4401 School of Nursing
  Sch Pharmacy Sch Pharmacy 4501:School of Pharmacy 4501 School of Pharmacy
  Sch Pub Hlth Sch Pub Hlth 4601:School of Public Health 4601 School of Public Health
      4605:Environ Health & Suscep 4605 Environ Health & Suscep
      4609:Public Health Shared Services 4609 Public Health Shared Services
      4610:Health Policy and Management 4610 Health Policy and Management
      4620:Biostatistics 4620 Biostatistics
      4625:Public Health Continued Educ 4625 Public Health Continued Educ
      4626:NC Institute for Public Health 4626 NC Institute for Public Health
      4630:Environment Sciences & Engi 4630 Environment Sciences & Engi
      4635:Epidemiology 4635 Epidemiology
      4640:Health Behavior 4640 Health Behavior
      4645:Maternal & Child Health 4645 Maternal & Child Health
      4655:Public Health Nursing 4655 Public Health Nursing
      4660:Nutrition 4660 Nutrition
      4670:PH Leadership Program 4670 PH Leadership Program
VC Fin & Admin VC Fin & Admin VC Fin & Admin 2219:Vice Chan Finance & Admin 2219 Vice Chan Finance & Admin
      2232:AVC for Enterprise Services 2232 AVC for Enterprise Services
  Assoc VC Fin Assoc VC Fin 2226:Assoc Vice Chancellor Finance 2226 Assoc Vice Chancellor Finance
      2242:Finance Communication & Traing 2242 Finance Communication & Traing
    Controller 2231:University Controller 2231 University Controller
      2235:Accounting Services 2235 Accounting Services
      2237:Payroll Services 2237 Payroll Services
      2248:Student AcctsUNC Receivables 2248 Student AcctsUNC Receivables
    Fin Plan & Bud 2240:Budget Office 2240 Budget Office
      2241:Budget Office Control 2241 Budget Office Control
    Materials & Disb 2229:Asset Management 2229 Asset Management
      2233:Travel Services 2233 Travel Services
      2238:Disbursement Services 2238 Disbursement Services
      2246:Strategy Analysis 2246 Strategy Analysis
      2260:Purchasing Services 2260 Purchasing Services
      8505:Logistics 8505 Logistics
      8510:MMD-Scientific Supply 8510 MMD-Scientific Supply
      8560:MMD-Chemistry Stockroom 8560 MMD-Chemistry Stockroom
      8570:MMD-Dental Stockroom 8570 MMD-Dental Stockroom
      8580:MMD-General Storeroom 8580 MMD-General Storeroom
    Ins & Risk Mgmnt 2261:Treasury & Risk Managmnt Svcs 2261 Treasury & Risk Managmnt Svcs
  Assoc VC Camp Svc Assoc VC Camp Svc 2223:Assoc VC Campus Services 2223 Assoc VC Campus Services
      8952:Airport 8952 Airport
    Auxiliary Ent 8120:Auxil Enterprises-Gen Adm 8120 Auxil Enterprises-Gen Adm
      8121:UNC One Card 8121 UNC One Card
      8931:Laundry Department 8931 Laundry Department
      8942:Quail Roost 8942 Quail Roost
    Env Hlth & Safety 2371:Environment, Health & Safety 2371 Environment, Health & Safety
    Facilities 7110:Facilities Services Division 7110 Facilities Services Division
      7120:Housekeeping Services 7120 Housekeeping Services
      7130:Business Operations 7130 Business Operations
      7140:Grounds Services 7140 Grounds Services
      7150:Building Services 7150 Building Services
      7160:Design and Construction Svcs 7160 Design and Construction Svcs
      7170:Energy Management 7170 Energy Management
      7215:Housekeeping Div 7215 Housekeeping Div
    Printing 8515:Printing & Duplicating 8515 Printing & Duplicating
    Public Safety 7602:Public Safety 7602 Public Safety
      8230:Public Safety Housing Security 8230 Public Safety Housing Security
      8986:Public Safety Trans & Parking 8986 Public Safety Trans & Parking
    Student Stores 8411:Student Stores-Admin 8411 Student Stores-Admin
      8412:Student Stores-Accounting 8412 Student Stores-Accounting
      8413:Student Stores-Course Pack 8413 Student Stores-Course Pack
      8415:Student Stores- S & P 8415 Student Stores- S & P
      8416:Student Stores-Operations 8416 Student Stores-Operations
      8420:Student Stores-The Caduceus 8420 Student Stores-The Caduceus
      8422:Student Stores-Texbook Dept 8422 Student Stores-Texbook Dept
      8423:Student Stores-Bull'S Head 8423 Student Stores-Bull'S Head
      8424:Student Stores-Sales Floor 8424 Student Stores-Sales Floor
      8425:Student Stores-Warehouse 8425 Student Stores-Warehouse
      8429:Student Stores-Univ Furniture 8429 Student Stores-Univ Furniture
      8431:Student Stores-Concessions 8431 Student Stores-Concessions
      8432:Student Stores-Mechand & Displ 8432 Student Stores-Mechand & Displ
      8433:Student Stores-Maintenance 8433 Student Stores-Maintenance
      8471:Student Stores-Snack Units 8471 Student Stores-Snack Units
    Carolina Inn Admin 8810:Carolina Inn-Administration 8810 Carolina Inn-Administration
    Energy Services 8130:Energy Services 8130 Energy Services
  Assoc VC Fac Plan & Const Assoc VC Fac Plan & Const 2370:Facilities Planning & Const 2370 Facilities Planning & Const
      2372:Engineering Info Services 2372 Engineering Info Services
      2373:Facilities Planning 2373 Facilities Planning
      2374:Construction Management 2374 Construction Management
      2375:UNC Property Office 2375 UNC Property Office
VC Advancement VC Advancement VC Advancement 2221:V Chancellor-Univ Development 2221 V Chancellor-Univ Development
      2301:Office of Development 2301 Office of Development
VC Human Resources VC Human Resources VC Human Resources 2228:Human Resources 2228 Human Resources
      2258:Disability Benefits 2258 Disability Benefits
VC Comm & Public Affairs VC Comm & Public Affairs VC Comm & Public Affairs 2207:VC-Comm and Pub Affair 2207 VC-Comm and Pub Affair
      5380:WUNC-FM 5380 WUNC-FM

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